The Three Houses of 'Peddinghaus'

Peddinghaus (Handwerkzeuge-Durlach) the hand tools dealer buys tools from various European makers and brands them "Peddinghaus". They have a broad line of hand tools that includes plumbers and mechanics tools, artist blacksmiths tools and small foundry tools. They also now make a line of small forged anvils ranging from 20 to 75 kg.

Then there is the Peddinghaus machinery manufacturer. They produce the ironworkers and other metal working machinery sold world wide.

Peddinghaus the anvil manufacturer was bought by the American company Ridge Tool (RIDGID brand) and has no business relation to either of the above. Ridgid/Peddinghaus made the world's only modern forged steel blacksmiths anvils until recently (see above). Since the purchase of Ridge Tools by Emerson the anvils are now branded Pedding-Haus®

All three companies make or sell top quality tools used in the blacksmithing and metalworking industry.

NOTE: There are foundries using the Peddinghaus pattern without permission to make what some dealers are selling as "Peddinghaus" anvils. These cheap cast copies are NOT real forged steel Pedding-Haus® anvils.
The Pedding-Haus® Line of Forged Steel Anvils (c) 2003 Jock Dempsey


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